Qatar, Arab Gulf (3 months)


Thailand (8 months)


Japan (6 months)

Mie Prefecture

India (2 years)

Kurukshetra (Haryana), Bangalore, Calicut (Kerala)

Korea (2 years)

Paju and Seoul

USA (Until age 21)

Pennsylvania (Pittsburgh and Philadelphia), Washingon, D.C., New York, Missouri (Branson), Los Angeles

Italy (7 years)

Vicenza, Rome, Gorizia

Places I've Lived

My name is Cheryl Lynn Obal, and I am originally from the United States, though these days I call Italy home, as I have been living there since 2004 and became a permanent resident in 2010. I travel internationally often, though, and I have lived in Korea, India, Thailand, and Japan. In total, I have been to about 50 countries in my life, thanks to my career as a professional dancer and choreographer, ESL teacher, and corporate trainer. Life's too short to sit still!

I have many passions and I life live to the fullest. Work hard, and play hard! In addition to my passion for dance, I am an avid human rights activist.

Speaking Topics

Culture & Language

-Presentation Skills

-Negotiation Skills

-Meeting Skills

-Business Writing Skills

-Cross-cultural competence in the business world

-Intercultural communication

-Training for multinationals, complete with case studies and practice


-LESCANT Model of International Business Communication

Health and Well-being.

-Vegetarianism (ethical and health aspects)

-Vegan cooking

-Increase Your Confidence with Positive Self-Affirmations

Human rights and social issues

-North Korea human rights crisis

-Finding Opportunities for Volunteering Abroad

-Restavek system of child slavery in Haiti

-Human rights in India

About Me

Cheryl Lynn Obal

 Welcome to my world.