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Dance Classes in 2012: Bangalore, India

Jazz Dance Classes held in Bangalore, India raised 15,000 rupees (250 dollars)

which was donated to Building Blocks India:



Dance Classes in 2015-2016: Bangalore, India

So far 26,600 rupees (400 dollars) has been donated to Right to Live, for medical treatment of the underprivileged. I am teaching contemporary dance classes to the professional corps of Nritarutya Indian Contemporary Dance Company and jazz dance

classes to the performers of Left Foot Right Danceworks.

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See who the money helped:

4-year-old Jyotismita got hearing aids:

3-year-old Guruprasad got a hearing aid:

9-year-old Vani got hearing aids:

I also ran a workshop for the public in June 2015, in beginner's contemporary dance, and donated all the profits to Right to Live. This workshop was covered in a major newspaper, the Hindu.

Dance Classes in 2007: Paju, Korea

Jazz dance classes to the professional performers of Gyeonggi English Village raised 300,000 won

(300 dollars) which was donated to UNICEF Seoul.

Pics from the workshop

Charity-Benefit Dance Classes

I believe in transforming my talents into an opportunity to help the underprivileged.

Being able to dance, teach, and choreograph is one of God's gifts, and the best way I can use my gift is to bring my love of dance to others, while helping the less fortunate at the same time. I have been donating the earnings from all my dance teaching since 2007. Read about the beneficiaries below.

Dance Classes in 2013: Seoul, Korea

        Jazz Dance Classes held in Seoul, Korea in 2013 raised $1,500 which all got donated to Justice for North Korea, for

        rescuing North Korean refugees: