Cheryl Lynn Obal

 Welcome to my world.

What I Speak About.

Invite me to speak or train your company, organization, or group on any of the following subjects. All workshops and presentations are interactive, multimedia sessions.

Business English:

-Presentation skills

-Business negotiation skills       

-Business writing skills  

-Meeting skills​​

-Business manners and etiquette

-Conference call skills

-Customer service skills

-Soft skills

Culture and Communication:

-Cross-cultural training: cross-cultural sensitivity and awareness, plus intercultural communication skills

-Culture-specific training according to destination, complete with cultural values analysis, case studies and simulations

-English grammar and speaking skills

-Italian Language (beginner through advanced)

-Spanish Language (beginner through intermediate)

-Living and working in the US

-Living and working in India 

-Living and working in Italy 

-Living and working in South Korea

-Living and working in Thailand 

-Confucianism and its influence on Asian culture

-Interview skills
-Working abroad and how to find jobs
-Resume-writing power
-Self-publishing and selling your book on Amazon
-Traveling the world on cruise ships


-SCAMPER Model of Creative Thinking

-The Power of Positive Self-Affirmations

-The Purpose-Driven Life (based on the book by Rick Warren)
-Infinite Circle of Giving: Enrich Your Life by Helping Others

-Leadership according to the book "Switch" by Chip and Dan Heath

-7 Habits of Highly Successful People, based on the book by Covey

Human Rights, Volunteering, and Activism
-International Human Rights Law (treaties and conventions)
-The United Nations and its role in upholding human rights
-Dalit (Untouchable) human rights situation in India 
-North Korean human rights crisis and the history of the 2 Koreas
-Restavek system of child slavery in Haiti
-Microcredit system of loans for the poor, Mohammad Yunus (founder of Grameen Bank) and how microcredit works.
-Social Business and Social Entrepreneurship
-Volunteering abroad and how to find opportunities

-Jazz dance classes and workshops
-Contemporary dance classes and workshops
-Choreography workshop
-Zumba classes and workshops
-Stretching, toning classes and workshops
-"Flash Mob" creation, rehearsal, and performance
-Becoming successful as a professional dancer and choreographer 

Health and Wellness:

-Vegetarianism (ethical aspects or health aspects)

-Vegetarian/Vegan cooking

-Benefits of Vitamin C

-Benefits of B Vitamins

-Sugar Substitutes

-Managing Depression Naturally Through Diet and Exercise

-100 Power Foods

To invite me to speak, conduct training, or run workshops at your organization, company or school, please write to me at