Doha, Qatar       September-December 2014

 Welcome to my world.

Words cannot describe the feeling of being invited to a foreign country in a part of the world you have never been to before, being asked to interweave your creativity with their history, culture, traditions, and music…not knowing what to expect, but taking the leap of faith and arriving all by yourself in the middle of the night, not knowing anyone…then finding that you have a wonderful, professional and multicultural team to work with, that the people of this foreign land are decent, respectable and kind, that there is plenty of vegan food, the sun shines every day, and you work with the most wonderful children you have ever met, who tell you they love you daily…and you realize you have truly been given a gift that can come only straight from God.

I was a choreographer for the Qatar National Day celebrations, in charge of designing from scratch the concept for two pieces of choreography - one for a group of girls, and one for a group of boys - all aged 8-10. Together with 3 other professional choreographers - 2 from London and one from Russia - we put together this grand event.

The show was televised on several TV channels and attended by around 1000 people, including some members of the Qatari royal family.

It was also a competition, and I am proud to say that my boys group won 2nd place! (Just one point away from the 1st-place winners). Also, BOTH my groups were chosen from the 8 schools in the competition to perform my choreography at the 24th Men's Handball World Championship held in Doha in January 2015. The event was produced by the world-famous David Atkins Enterprises from Australia. I'm so proud of my kids!

To watch a video of the exciting rehearsal process, click here:

Cheryl Lynn Obal