I AM A VEGAN...For animals, for my health, for the environment.

Why VEGAN...?? You may ask. "Isn't being vegetarian enough?" 

Why I don't drink milk

"But they don't kill the cows to get the milk..."

In the dairy industry, cows are treated like milk-producing machines. They are impregnated again and again so that they continue to lactate. However, since that milk is destined for human consumption, the farmers separate the mother and baby cow shortly after birth. The farmer often has to do this by dragging the poor baby away by his leg. The baby, new in this world and lost, will never feel his mother's warmth and care. The mother cow, having just given birth, feels the natural instinct to nurture her baby, but she cannot. In desperation, she calls out to her baby, at all hours of the night, for several days in a row. She bangs relentlessly into the bars of her cage in frustration. She searches for her baby, to no avail. Mother cows have been known to chase vehicles containing their babies and to hide their babies from farmers, knowing that he or she will be cruelly taken away. Let's not forget that VEAL is a by-product of the dairy industry. Male cows are useless to the dairy industry, so they are shipped off to a life of confinement, confusion, darkness, and deprivation. Remember that, if you consume dairy products, as a consumer, you contribute directly to the continued suffering of these innocent, sentient beings.

Watch baby cows being harshly separated from their mothers here:


The above is the moral side of things, and then there is the scientific side. Cow's milk, in nature, is not even meant for human consumption. The milk of any animal is intended for the infant of that same species. Cow's milk is for calves, just like cat milk is for kittens and dog milk is for puppies. Humans certainly do not NEED to drink cow's milk, as we have been brainwashed to believe. In the USA we were fed a lot of propaganda from a young age (Remember the "Milk - does a body good" signs?) and made to believe that we are supposed to drink milk from a cow. Nothing could be more false. Sure it contains certain nutrients, but all those nutrients are available elsewhere in nature and easy to obtain. For example, calcium is found in broccoli and almonds. Protein is found in countless other sources. Nowadays, there are so many alternatives to cow's milk that are delicious, healthy, and cruelty-free - like almond milk, soy milk, cashew milk, oat milk, and more.

Why I don't eat eggs

"But they don't kill the chickens to get the eggs!"

Egg-laying chickens on factory farms live in horrid conditions,

packed like sardines into their cages and never seeing the light of day.

Due to the frustration from overcrowding, they tend to peck each other.

To prevent that from happening, farmers cut off their beaks when they

are just chicks, never using anesthesia.

Male chicks, useless to the egg industry, are discarded shortly after birth in the cruelest of ways: by being ground up alive

Don't believe me? See for yourself here:


Lastly, the meat, dairy, and egg industries use an enormous amount of natural resources and cause extensive pollution. Besides all the cruelty, supporting these industries is causing harm to our environment.

But if I don't eat meat, chicken, eggs or dairy.... what can I eat???

Just have a look at all of the wonderful, colorful, healthy, and cruelty-free alternatives there are to eating animal products and by-products. Vegan cooking allows you to be creative in the kitchen and enjoy a healthy, balanced diet. Don't wait, do it today!


Young chicken being de-beaked.

 Welcome to my world.

Chickens in a factory farm.

Cheryl Lynn Obal